Artwork Collection 2

This page is primarily my more serious artwork.


The first one is a self-portrait of the moment I gave birth to my son who was born in 1997 but I painted it a few years later.

It's not as much a personal piece (although that might sound strange) it's more a woman's celebration of giving birth and the immediate bond most of us feel when finally meeting our newborn baby.

The second image was a dear friend's Granddaughter and the exceptional bond she shared with her dog Frankie, who had sadly suffered terribly before finding a home with Betty's family.

Frankie was snappy with everyone but that little girl could do literally anything and he would happily participate in dressing up and playing the sort of games toddlers love to play.

The third image is an environmental piece, using the Faberge egg as a symbol for our Fragile Planet and how we need to consider what we need, to be able to give our children the earth.

Jess the Dalmatian I drew on request a couple of years ago, spontaneously on request of my friend's relative who had just sadly lost Jess. I only had an ink pen and water then added the lead using watercolour after. 


This picture got me an interview with The Leigh Times a local newspaper that wrote a wonderful article about my work (at a time when things were difficult for me) It helped boost my confidence and pursue my dream of this business.  

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The two men dancing I donated to a local charity that helped me so much when I needed them.

The Hebden cow is special to me as in a field of cows she caught my eye, her gentle nature and spirit enchanted me. I had to represent her in art and eventually decided on using her image in my logo design (which is a week old).

The delightful Willow is another friend's little girl, she has that been here before aura and is just an exceptional little girl.

The Sketch in grey, I drew to compliment a poem I wrote and this image I found in a 15th century Japanese as I call it Haiku Painting, a beautifully minimalist landscape that I couldn't not draw. This one means so much to me I have it tattooed on my back.

The Gorilla I painted alongside Solomon & the Blue Butterfly (lion painting) & a bear and bumblebee painting named (Saul & the Bumblebee) which I really cannot find anywhere.

All of these were created in a moment of deep profound meditation expressing (i Believe) the respect and need we all have for each other.

The last image of Rafe was a charcoal on black paper piece that I just had to do way back in 2000 & I sold very cheaply to a friend.

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